My life, short version

This is the post excerpt.


My Name Is Benjamin Rinehardt and I hail from Greenville South Carolina. I’m here at HCC for one semester than onward to USF for my BA in Mass Comm for Advertisement! I believe people believe they are the protagonist to the story of life. That’s what makes life so chaotic and fun. I love music, concerts, art, theatre, cool shoes, tattoos, coffee, games of every kind and funny commercials of course.

Recently I had a trip to the hospital and it was discovered that I was born with only two valves in my heart instead of the traditional three. That news has really given me a new lease on life. All the petty baggage which I assume most people carry around from day to day just sort of melted away. Of course I really have to start living a more healthy lifestyle. All this means is there is no better time to go out and follow my dreams than this.

ben in bed


Everything in the links seemed to be like giant marketing techniques for the so called “clickbait” style of journalism. This style was very interesting to me however I did get a little annoyed with surfing through what seemed to be something that would most defiantly be a virus to what is just annoying. I think if maybe there were some clear guidelines to how these sites were setup in using the “addgrabing” style than it could be more tolerable and possibly people would be more receptive to it.

Sure everyone loves the indie way of doing things, and the “hey look at me I’m the small guy giving you news among industry giants” approach. Having said that It has to be cleaned up and regulated in order to be tolerated.

Until this form of journalism does get it’s own clean up and refurbish it is in danger of dying out. The reason being is in it’s current form it is more aggravating than interesting.

Service Project, My Delicious Piece.


I’ve Decided to write a piece on informing HCC students and further more my fellow Tampanians. about exotic places to wine and dine yourself, friends, family and significant others.

Day in and day out I constantly feel like I’m grinding away at life not really enjoying much. Just more of the same just more boredom just more grinding just more boring food. I feel deep down that there has to be more in life to be tasted. Like a nice juicy zebra burger, a club seal sandwich maybe even a hippo steak. Personally I’ve had a few exotic meats throughout my life one being kangaroo and it had very different aftertaste very memorable to say the least.

Other than just simply breaking up the boredom this could be a fun first date idea for students. I mean it doesn’t even have to be a first date. if your relationship has gone stale chances are the food you are eating are not that fresh either.

My Interview, Completed

I Don’t have word on my home laptop so it looks a little sloppy but this is my interview submission. if you guys like the direction it’s heading in let me know. Also this is proof that I had it done by tonight hahaha.

As I walked into Punch Boxing I was greeted in the most friendly manner by the owner of the establishment Leanne Ruttin. The gym itself was very surprising yes. The gym had a personality of it’s own. After introducing myself and exchanging a few pleasantry’s leanne excitedly agreed to the interview. To my surprise Punch Boxing started out as a strictly no contact cardio workout spot for people of all ages. As long as you’re 12 and up that is. Over the past decade the gym has evolved to the point where some fighters come to train at Punch Exclusively. This has broken the gym up into two parts. There is a regimented cardio boxing workout in the evenings where one can learn the fundamentals and get into shape. leanne did not hesitate to tell me that those evening workouts burn about 900 calories. Now once one does get the basics down and is starting to see and feel the difference in their body they can graduate to the other side of the gym. This is the side where the fighters preside. Were talking about shadow boxing, sparring, body bag and some full contact. After asking leanne informed me of one client who had lost up to 45 lbs in just 3 months due to the workout routine. Now this also includes a diet change. She informed “That people need to be more careful on what they put into their mouth.” “They also need to stay away from carbohydrates and bad sugars.” Now I’m sure we all know that but practicing it is a little harder am I right? I would have to say the most interesting and exciting part of the interview was hearing about some of the fighters who go to Punch to train. Such as Carlos Ortero, Antonia Harper, Jeff Lacey and Willie Jones. These fighters train with others in the gym on foot work how to get off the ropes. It starts there but leads all the way up to advanced techniques and even some kickboxing if someone were so inclined to learn. After the Interview was concluded leanne and myself talked an additional 20 minutes or so. I strongly feel like the interview was mutually beneficial. As I explained to her about the recent discovery of my heart condition and my quest on finding a new and exciting workout routine we banged out pretty reasonable gym contract. I mean why not? It looks like a lot of fun and can you really put a price tag on health and happiness?

The Challenges We Face

A plan like glass will be shattered with enough pressure forced upon it. So the less than desirable weather was the number one challenge I faced with setting up my interview, but as the week progresses well… It will progress and we will see were at. Everyday we face a 1 in 300,000 chance of being hit by a comet or asteroid.


So anything could happen, but bar some act of god I should have it to you guys soon.  For My Interview I have Chosen the Owner and Instructor to Punch Boxing as stated in my previous blog entries. The reasoning for my choosing of this particular candidate for an interview was basically to find out how much of a cardio workout someone can get from learning basic boxing techniques. Once I learn Those details I plan on sharing them with the world, as it seems super practical to learn a skill while staying super fit.

Boxing and Fitness

boxing glove

In my own personal search to live a healthier lifestyle I am seeking an alternative exercise routine. This search has led me to a specific gym which uses boxing principles as a means of a cardio workout. My goal for this interview would ultimately be to find out what motivated the owner to start this establishment. If given the opportunity to interview I would ask the owner the following questions.

  1. How old were you when you started boxing and what led you into the sport?
  2. What was boxing like for you starting off? Did you ever box competitively?
  3. What led you from boxing to owning your own gym and teaching others the sport?
  4. Do you see all types of experience levels come into your gym to train?
  5. What kind of results do you see from people who come in and attend your training program?
  6. Does your gym only teach the fundamentals or are there more advanced classes to graduate to?
  7. What drew me to your gym personally is its independently owned and not a chain, Do you get a lot of people in the door because of that fact alone?
  8. Do you have any triumph of the spirit stories that you would like to share? such as someone extremely over weight or disabled and bettering their lives through your classes?

I’m sure if I’m persuasive enough I can score the interview. I mean who doesn’t want free publicity?