My life, short version

This is the post excerpt.


My Name Is Benjamin Rinehardt and I hail from Greenville South Carolina. I’m here at HCC for one semester than onward to USF for my BA in Mass Comm for Advertisement! I believe people believe they are the protagonist to the story of life. That’s what makes life so chaotic and fun. I love music, concerts, art, theatre, cool shoes, tattoos, coffee, games of every kind and funny commercials of course.

Recently I had a trip to the hospital and it was discovered that I was born with only two valves in my heart instead of the traditional three. That news has really given me a new lease on life. All the petty baggage which I assume most people carry around from day to day just sort of melted away. Of course I really have to start living a more healthy lifestyle. All this means is there is no better time to go out and follow my dreams than this.

ben in bed

a very vivid memory

When I was 16 I left my parents house and my best friend Ryan and his family took me in. I remember Independence Day 2003 very clearly. It was about 12 noon and the first guest to ryan’s extended family showed up. Everyone has the drunk family member and ryan’s was in the form of an uncle.

Ryan’s uncle hopped out of the car and greeted me with a smile. He than exclaimed how he had something he knew I would appreciate. Now I don’t know if they had just come out with these or I had just never seen one before whatever the case I became more intrigued as he popped his trunk. The uncle than pulled out a shirt with a giant snarling wolf plastered on the front of it. “When you walk into the store wearing this people know not to F with you!” As that statement left him I asked him if he was planning on wearing that today. He enthusiastically replied with a yes than wondered off.

Shortly there after I ran into ryan and told him about the whole thing. About the drunk uncle and the wolf shirt and how ridiculousness the whole situation was. Hilarious but ridiculous. Than the uncle returned and ryan tells him every detail I just told him. I could just see the look of pain and embarrassment wash over this grown mans face as he was wearing a shirt with a giant wolf on it.

Living in your future past

My last job as a teenager was working at Blockbuster Video, and this job was every bit as fun as it looked. The year was 2004 and in that day watching a movie was quite an ordeal. People would have to drive to the video store than pick out the movie they wanted. After a few days they would return the video and repeat the process over and over not unlike an addict returning to a drug dealer.

There were a whole lot of perks that came with working in a video store, and I loved all of them. From taking movies and games home to offering the occasional free movie in exchange for a girls number.

Thinking about all this can really open your eyes to how finite time really is. Those days are gone long gone. Blockbuster died and with it my youth. There is no way to know if you’re living in a fond future past memory. You very well might be so enjoy what you have.

A Realist Point

I do tire from the cliche phrase “It gets better.” There is indeed no factual data or empirical evidence to backup this kind of statement. I would say this saying is most likely tossed around by people who have usually had a good run of things for most of their lives with a few dips and downs here and there. So what happens when they fall into one of these slumps? They tell themselves and afterwards they exclaim to the world “IT GETS BETTER!”

I’m sorry readers but that is not how life works. You can’t just will a better life into existence by saying magical words. I know I can’t.

I do believe the naivety of those who use this statement will mistakenly swing it around like wrecking ball of sorts, and it will smash the less fortunate. Some people are dealt some pretty bad hands. Can it get better for them? That is not for me to say, but I don’t believe throwing a used up saying in their face will fix their problems.

made of leaves

Bike is still in the shop two weeks now, exams are coming to an end with mountains of assignments to chip away at. I have a great social life in Tampa. One that I’ve built from the ground up, and that’s all gravy but when I come home stressed as hell I come home to an empty apartment.

I feel so Isolated so cut off from the rest of the world when I have to live this way. I remember my social worker telling me months ago before I got my apartment to buy myself a pet so I would have something. I felt at the time that this was a very odd thing to say to someone.

The semester will end soon and so will my a lot of my anxiety I believe. I’m going to take the spring semester off and just work for a while. I can handle being beaten down, but it is exhausting being beaten down with no one there to lift you back up.

Life has choices

So I moved to Tampa in January of 2017, I didn’t know many people and decided to go out and hit the social scene. The first person I met who is in my current circle of friends is my now ex girlfriend. That relationship ended horribly. Most of my relationships seem to end in a similar fashion. I’m not even that worried about the relationship ending as much as just the awkwardness of being around this person in my social circle of friends.

For instance there is a Christmas party at the end of this month being held at my ex’s house. Well her new boyfriends house. A good chunk of my friends will be there and I have no family here in Tampa so as it would seem I have to be alone on Christmas. That or watch my ex make out with her new boyfriend for the entire party.

I believe I will stay home and not celebrate any holidays from here on out. They have just become so commercialized anyways.


Newsy.org My blog 9

Blog 9 newsy org. The first video I watched was on the the DMZ between the North and South Korean border and how the both sides have a strong military presence set up ready in case the cease fire were to end. On the North Korean side there is a heavy artillery unit that could kill up to 300,000 people in a matter of days if activated and went uninterrupted. The border was technically broken when a North Korean Military Police Officer chased a defector over the border to shoot him and than quickly returning to his side of the demilitarized zone. This technically violated the cease fire but went unchecked.

The second video was on U.S. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas and how a lewd photo of him ended up on social media from one of the women he was having consensual sexual relations with. It appears to be considered something called “Revenge Porn” which is not a federal crime but in the state of Texas is not legal. My Take on this is be careful on who you send full frontal nudity to. Unless of course you are in the business of sending full frontal nudity.

Lastly Hurricane Irma knocked down a Florida power line responsible for heating and cooling to a nursing home within the state. This resulted in the deaths of 41 residents of the nursing home and is being considered as a homicide.


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“He didn’t pinch it he grabbed it” famous words quoted by Tina Johnson. For those of you who do not know about her she was groped by Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Not only are these actions deplorable but this man is as well. He doesn’t belong in office. In my opinion he doesn’t even belong in civilized society.


I’m not going to give this person the right to be called by his title or even his last name, but Roy sexually abused eight other women.

Not only is he getting away with these atrocious activities, but he is tending to the flames of fear in our nation. Women are a afraid to

be approached by men for a very understandable reason and men are afraid to even walk behind women or go on night time jog or even be chivalrous towards women for fear of the possible reactions towards their innocent actions.


Roy has helped divide our nation even more by his despicable actions and he thinks can get away with because of his seat of power. I for one am so tired of living in a nation covered with a blanket of fear and division by the disease to our nation like Roy. We the people need to move Roy from his seat of power and bring him up on charges. He needs to be done. What does a normal person do when he or she comes down with an illness? That’s what our nation needs to do it’s obviously sick and needs to go to the doctor take antibiotics and medicine to get better.


We as a nation at the moment are sick very sick and I can’t wrap my mind around the fact on why we won’t take the necessary steps to fix ourselves. It’s possible I suppose that we keep our selves gripped by fear. But if enough of us get together and peacefully remove the maniacs from office, and then put sane people to lead us I believe it would greatly improve our station as a nation. All elected officials should undergo a psych evaluation in order to even run for office. Of course I can’t stress this enough I wasn’t this done in the most legal and safe way possible. It’s not my opinion to see anyone harmed at all, but it is my wish to help this nation become the nation it was meant to be. I want made in America to mean something again, and I honestly believe my fellow Americans are on the exact same page as myself.